Rolling Stone The Car of Future

There are more and more concepts of individual eco cars and prototypes of the cars of the future which appear every year. Today’s concept car – a futuristic creation of Russian designer Vitaly Kononov – is called “Rolling Stone”.
A very accurate title for the vehicle having so fantastic design. Removing the engine from a car and replacing it with electric batteries and motors gives auto designers to come up with unique designs that can change the face of personal transport forever. Auto designer Vitaly Kononov has utilized the futuristic EV tech to design the Rolling Stone. The concept vehicle features two big wheels that are powered by electric motors which are fueled by rechargeable batteries onboard the car. The design of concept is intersting by itself – both sides of the concept car are LED screens on which the pilot can show any photo or video. Such concept car looks amazingly nice but its practical side is more doubtful.
The interior provides space for one occupant and a lot of cargo. The driver also gets an LED screen that displays video captured by the cameras located on the body of the car.All the navigation tools are just on a finger touch.
Well, this is all in the concept stage right now, but how much fun would it be to hop into one of these the next time you’re navigating one of Europe’s narrow cobbled streets.


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