6th Anniversary of Devastating Earthquake; Have we learnt any lessons?

8th October 2005 was the day when people in Pakistan saw the earthquake and its devastating effects. We saw people going down and we saw people rising up, rising above the angels. We in Islamabad felt the jolt and then witnessed numerous casualties. Luckily it was the holly month of Ramadan when the Muslims were fasting and their sprits were very high.

After this devastation which left over 75,000 dead and over 200,000 seriously injured a great rescue efforts began. This was characterized by individual sense of responsibilities. The Government except Health Ministry was hardly visible. The initial efforts were all carried out by volunteers on their own.

It will be surely a stupid thing to say that earthquake was a blessing. It was a punishment for our many deeds. It can be a blessing only if we amend our behavior so that we do not get severer penalty in the Hereafter where we will see every good deed of weight of an atom and we shall see every bad deed of weight of an atom and when a person will like to distant him/herself from bad deeds like the distance of skies and the earth.

The spiritual and mental status does have direct effect on physical health and community health. Immoral behaviors lead to AIDS and alcoholism and people fell prey to IMF and World Bank AIDS which are no less sever threat to mankind.

The people of Pakistan and Pakistanis living abroad responded like no one. They helped like no one in the modern times. We saw these above angel people who donated entire chemist shops, entire bakeries; soon there were trucks full of goods like a chain of ants and millions of volunteers doing good acts. May Allah accept all these and turn this nation into a torch bearer and make this nation a leader of the world. Aameen.

Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences (PIMS), Islamabad being the premium most hospital and tertiary care center played a very crucial and pivotal role in all spheres of relief operations of Earthquake. The 8th October 2005 earthquake was one of the most devastating human disasters. It occurred in first Ashra (Ten days) of the holy month of Ramzan that is also known as the Ashra of Rahmah (Blessings). There was special Rahmah (Blessing) on twin cities that miraculously saved from great devastations despite the jolts of very high severity. Almost all Pakistanis were fasting and were in high spiritual mode. This resulted in very quick and generous response with intelligent use of resources matching almost the severity of the earthquake. The entire nation and Muslim Ummah acted as one solid team who knew what to do and when to do. The generosity and selflessness created great examples to be followed. Al-Hamdolillah a great work underwent towards relief and rehabilitation. Honorable Health Minister, Secretary Health along with their entire team were holding twice daily meeting at PIMS to review the overall situation and take swift and immediate actions.

The earthquake of 8th Oct. 2005 was 7.6 on the Richter Magnitude Scale that struck the northern region of Pakistan has had a tremendous toll on human and their meager belongings. It wiped out the entire villages and killed more than 100,000 people including many school children trapped under the rubbles of the school buildings. And while relief operation began pouring in very soon after the quake, it became apparent that it was not an easy task to deliver help and aid where needed. At this traumatic juncture, human ingenuity and worldwide response allowed us to scale horizons never dreamed in the past. Al-Hamdolillah Pakistanis proved themselves a great nation. Pakistani nation has set an example for other nations of the world to follow. The earthquake has proved yet again that the people of this society are courageous, God-fearing, affectionate and caring.


It is heartening that Pakistanis living in Pakistan and abroad, Muslims and World at large rapidly and swiftly moved into action to help suffering humanity in 8th October 2005 earthquake. PIMS acted as the hub for many of these activities.

PIMS Al-Hamdolillah provided a glaring example. PIMS All the Departments played their due share. The PIMS had organized one of the most elaborate volunteers system which provided blood, material and manpower help in carrying out procedures, laboratory tests, food, water and drug supply. Over 800 volunteers were registered by the Department of Pathology at Islamabad Hospital. The profiteers and quakes were not allowed to take advantage of the situation. Without the help of these volunteers the hospital would have not coped with such magnitude of disaster. Al-Hamdolillah we came out highly successful and now we are on the way of long-term rehabilitation and reconstruction path.

Have we learnt any lessons?

Our nation needs to learn lessons before it is too late. Let us on this 6th Anniversary of the devastating earthquake do some soul searching. Where were our failures? Why most of the money is not spent on the rehabilitation and went into the pockets of corrupts. Are we more prepared? We did not have equipments to quickly remove the debris of the buildings. Mere lip services are not sufficient. Only those nations survive which do vry firm and quick accountability. We have yet to see Hamoodur Rehman report implementation on devastation of loss of East Pakistan, Negligent and criminals in civilians and Khakis have not been brought o justice. Not punishing the criminals create heavily fertilized for growth of more future monsters. It is the responsibility of an independent judiciary to punish the top criminals to stop this visiciou circle, cycle and circus once for all.


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