My Brighter Pakistan [Google Search Trends]

While reading a post on ProPakistani the other day about Pakistan’s number one ranking for searching the word Sex in Google, I really felt disgraced and disturbed. The reason was obvious and needs no explanation.
I felt that are we Pakistanis only excelling in this thing? Are we only searching for Sex on Google? The post and stats kept on striking my mind and I finally decided to open Google and searched for few other trends. The results which I found were amazing and are as below:
1. Muhammad (PBUH)
The first word for which I checked in the trends was Muhammad (PBUH) and was glad to see that Pakistan is ranked as number one in the world to search about the word “Muhammad (PBUH)” where as 5 Pakistani cities topped the first 5 spots.

2. Islam
Pakistan is ranked as number third in the world to search about the word “Islam” on Google in 2011.

3. Quran
Pakistan is at number one spot in the world to search about the world “Quran” on Google where as Karachi, Islamabad, Lahore are respectively 1st, 2nd and 3rd cities in the world to search about the word “Quran” on Google in 2011.

4. Education
Pakistan is the also ranked as number one country in the world to search about the world “Education” on Google in Year 2011.

5. English
Pakistan is the ranked number one for searching about “English” on Google in Year 2011 whereas Karachi and Lahore are respectively 1st and 2nd in the list of cities which search more than any other city about the same word in the world.

6. Scholarships
Pakistan is also ranked as number 5th for searching the word “Scholarships” on Google in year 2011 whereas Islamabad & Lahore are respectively at 4th & 5th spot.

Else than above mentioned Pakistan is ranked as 1st country for searching the term “Jobs” & “Peace”, 7th position for searching the term “Information Technology”, 2nd for searching the term “Physics” & “Thesis”.
All these results show a positive side of us. Every society and every nation comprises of good and bad people. From one search term it can’t be assumed that we Pakistanis are using internet solely for negative purposes. There are more search terms in which Pakistan is among top 10 countries in the world. We being Pakistanis should try to highlight our strengths too.
May ALLAH (SWT) bless us.
Source: ProPakistani
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