Facebook Timeline Available for All Now

Long sought Facebook Timeline is available to everyone now, which was earlier accessible to those with developer accounts only. Today, Facebook has enabled every user to have his/her Facebook profile timelined in chronological manner.

You just need to activate it by clicking this link: https://www.facebook.com/about/timeline

Click on “Get Timeline” button to get started…

Once in your timeline, you can add cover photo, rearrange your profile and play with your security settings to make sure that your profile is safe. By default your timeline will remain visible to you only for seven days – so that you are done with all the homework before it goes live for everyone.

Or alternatively, you can publish it anytime if you want to go live early. Simply click “Publish Now” button available on right top.

Go ahead and grab your timeline. I already see many of you busy in settling your new look.


There is no known way of reverting back to old profile look once Timeline is activated, hence before you activate it make sure you need it in real.

Source: http://propakistani.pk/2011/12/16/facebook-timeline-available-for-all-now/


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