Veena Malik has been KIDNAPPED from MUMBAI. "Hindustan Times"

Controversial Pakistani actor Veena Malik who's hogging newsprint for her nude FHM photo scandal is missing from Mumbai. The actor was shooting for a film 125km from Mumbai, reports ANI. "Pakistan actress Veena Malik was shooting for a film 125km from Mumbai, her phone switched off, she
is missing say production unit staff," tweeted ANI News.
Mumbai police is trying to locate Veena.

"Pakistani actress Veena Malik working in India on a film shoot disappears. The police in Mumbai are trying to trace her whereabouts," continues the report

"Veena Malik was working in my film, was depressed past 2 days, she smsed me that she was upset." Hemant Madurkar the director of the film unit told ANI.

Veena Malik received death threats from her home country Pakistan after she allegedly posed nude for the cover of FHM magazine. She claimed the magazine airbrushed out the thong she was wearing.

The actor and the magazine sued each other for 3 million pounds in a bitter exchange of lawsuits.

Veena had also hit out at the 'stone age' attitudes in her country and argued that no one is willing to hear her side of the story.



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